Existenzgründungsseminare für Englischsprechende

With this specific format for bilingual seminars, the federal state of Berlin offers all those of non-German origin wishing to start a business the chance to come together with other interested parties to get good advice and information on the most important elements for a successful business start-up.

To achieve this, we have collaborated with institutions and associations from the ethnic communities to design culture-specific seminars on how to start a business. You will also receive comprehensive information about the public bodies, sources of finance and advice in the network for promoting business start-ups in Berlin. Your individual questions and concerns about your personal plans for starting a business will be discussed in depth on request.

The registration fee for these one-day seminars is EUR 10,- This includes a snack



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Das Seminar wird in Kooperation mit LONEX – Lokales Netzwerk Existenzgründung e.V. durchgeführt.



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