Existenzgründungsseminare für Englisch Sprechende

With this specific format for bilingual seminars, the federal state of Berlin offers all those of non-German origin wishing to start a business the chance to come together with other interested parties to get good advice and information on the most important elements for a successful business start-up.

To achieve this, we have collaborated with institutions and associations from the ethnic communities to design culture-specific seminars on how to start a business. You will also receive comprehensive information about the public bodies, sources of finance and advice in the network for promoting business start-ups in Berlin. Your individual questions and concerns about your personal plans for starting a business will be discussed in depth on request.

The registration fee for these one-day seminars is EUR 10,-.



Für internationale Gründer*innen aus der Kreativindustrie:

Mittwoch, 16.06.2021

10:00 – 16:00 Uhr


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Für internationale Gründer*innen:


10:00 – 16:00 Uhr


Hier geht es zur Registration!



Das Seminar wird in Kooperation mit LONEX – Lokales Netzwerk Existenzgründung e.V. durchgeführt.

LONEX is the top network in Berlin for qualified and certified business consultants. Our goal is to establish sustainable and continuing structures for new as well as established entrepreneurs during the planning, inception, and post-formation phases of companies and businesses.


Ina Rathfelder

Ina Rathfelder has been a committed start-up and management consultant and business coach for over 10 years. Main focuses: Financial and business planning and business model development.

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