During one-day start-up seminars, you have the opportunity to learn the first steps towards founding and self-employment, ask questions, receive advice from experienced founders and meet interested people from your own and other communities.

The first steps include an introduction to the conditions for setting up a company and self-employment, information on the legal situation in Germany and the possibilities for support and funding in Berlin.


Instead of the seminars, this year, in view of the difficult situation, we offer online-seminars, most of which will be live and will thus equally provide the opportunity for you to ask individual questions, to exchange ideas with other people interested in founding a company and to receive personal and competent advice from experienced speakers.

You would need: a laptop or a smartphone, a good headset or good speakers, and if you like a camera.

Participation is easy: You register for the respective online-seminar via the contact form, transfer the participation fee, and receive a confirmation email with the URL and a password for the online-seminar. As we would like to offer you the same possibilities as during the seminar, only up to 20 interested persons can participate in this format, so that there is room for questions and exchange. Soon you will find more information on participation and payment here.

The online-seminar, like the seminars, will last about six hours and will include theoretical knowledge as well as discussion rounds, answers to individual questions, introduction of each participating person and their goals, and different presentation media for more diverse visualization. There will be breaks in between and at the end of the seminar there will be a survey in which we will ask you to give us your assessment of the content and the implementation of the online-seminar so that we can evaluate your requirements and wishes and improve our offer.

Seminar contents

People interested in building a company learn the first steps of company-foundation:

  • What possibilities are there for setting up a company?
  • How do I develop the right business idea?
  • Which legal forms exist and which terms are involved?
  • How do I set up my own business?
  • How do I write a tax return?
  • What are the requirements for people from which countries?
  • How does a business plan work?

English (UK)