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You would like to build a company and need first information on the process and structures? The Land of Berlin since more than ten years offers people from all over the world interested in founding in Germany introductory courses on the most important topics concerning foundation and self-employment in Germany. On one-day seminars topics such as:


will be examined and conducted bilingually.

Seminars in German as well as bilingually in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Serbian, Vietnamese, Turkish, Kurdish, Arabic and Farsi are offered. In addition, seminars in German exclusivley for women, who immigrated to Germany, as well as seminars for people interested in and from the creative industry, are offered.

Through our  cooperation with different ethnic communities you have the opportunity to get to know other people interested in starting a business and to create a network through which you can exchange ideas with people in your mother tongue. 

The seminars are held over a period of six hours and offer written documents on funding opportunities, specific terms and further contact points. You find more information on the material here.

Participation is free for refugees, otherwise a one-day seminar costs 10.00 euros, a small meal is included. The seminars for 2020 are currently being organized and will soon be available for registration. 

However, due to the great caution in dealing with the COVID19 virus, it is not possible this year to hold the seminars together in one room. Therefore, we offer the seminars in the form of online-seminars. All you need is a laptop or a smartphone – all dates and information about participation can be found promptly under Seminars.

In the meantime, visit us on Facebook and Twitter and find out about online offers, funding opportunities, start-up ideas, support centers and much more!

We are waiting for you on the net for the time being, and soon in person again!

Stay healthy!

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Vielfalt gründet - online!

Die Seminarreihe startet in die nächste Runde – 2021 geht es mit mehrsprachigen Gründungsseminaren weiter! Wir halten Sie hier auf dem Laufenden. Folgen Sie uns inzwischen auf Twitter und Facebook!

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Vielfalt gründet hat auch 2020 Gründungsinteressierte auf den Deutschen Gründer- und Unternehmertagen (deGUT) unterstützt! Weitere Informationen finden Sie hier!


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